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Logistics Address Management-KeYouYun ERP

ross-border sellers generally choose to hoard goods in bulk to reduce the cost of purchases. KeYouYun ERP provides warehousing inventory management and warehouse address management functions, allowing sellers to informatize their warehouses and products Management, improve the efficiency of inventory management among multiple stores, be able to find problems such as insufficient inventory in a timely manner, make timely warehouse replenishment and promote stocks.

Logistics Management – ​​K eYouYun ERP

Cross-border sellers generally choose to purchase goods in bulk for self-delivery instead of choosing a delivery method in order to reduce the cost of purchase. KeYouYun ERP provides functions such as warehousing inventory and logistics settings, logistics management You can set the seller’s shipping logistics template, sender and other information, so that the seller can manage his warehouse, goods, logistics information, etc., improve the efficiency of multi-store inventory management, help the seller to fill the warehouse in time and hoard during the promotion period goods.

Five-Star For “Shopee Assistant Shopeefans” In The Google Market

Shopee assistant shopeefans is a Google browser plug-in under KeYouYun, which provides many functions such as product collection, prawn skin followers, prawn skin topping, chat group messaging, etc., to help Shopee sellers better manage the store and operate the store efficiently. Our products are good, I hope you give us five-star praise, we will continue to optimize products, better help Shopee sellers to operate multiple stores!

Parcel Problem Management – ​​KeYouYun ERP

KeYouYunKeYouYun ERP is the official shipping software of Shopee. It is also a freight forwarding software. It provides Shopee sellers with a one-click veneer. The courier number and delivery do not fill in the face sheet as required, resulting in the parcel delivery agent unable to identify the seller’s identity. At this time, the package will go to the package-problem page in the KeYouYun ERP. Then proceed accordingly.

Product Price Currency Auto Exchange

Shopee has 8 sites in Singapore, Malay, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Brazil. At the same time, sellers can quickly collect products from other e-commerce platforms through Shopee Assistant. The exchange rate is different, and KeYouYun ERP provides automatic conversion of product prices, converting different currency types into the same currency, such as RMB, so that the seller can clearly understand the product price.

Product Copy to New -KeYouYun ERP

When editing products in KeYouYun ERP, you can choose to quote the product function, copy the content of the source product or online product to the current product, and also copy the online product into a new product, so as to quickly release a new similar Products, product references and copy functions can effectively help sellers quickly update or publish existing similar products.

Picture Management – KeYouYun ERP

KeYouYun ERP provides a picture bank. You can manage the uploaded and optimized pictures in KeYouYun ERP in a unified manner. You can perform picture classification and upload marketing pictures in Picture Bank. If there is too much picture space, you can check here Useless pictures are appropriately deleted to free up space for pictures, and you can download the pictures you need in Picture Bank.

FAQ – KeYouYun ERP

KeYouYun ERP is the official free shipping and forwarding software for Shopee. It is permanently free. It has 100+ functions, no shop restrictions, no computer equipment restrictions, and no IP connection issues. At the same time, KeYouYun ERP also has Shopee Auto Following, Shopee Multi-Chat, Product Auto Boosting and so on.

KeYouYun Partner – KeYouYun ERP

KeYouYun ERP launched a new partner mechanism. After the seller becomes a KeYouYun partner, the partner can get a 20% ~ 60% commission share. The partner level is divided into three levels: silver, gold, and diamond. The higher the commission share, the more gold spokespersons can get the team members ’trading commission share (the specific share ratio can be viewed in the system). After the system purchases the activation code, the activation code is used to obtain 20% -60% of the product The commission is divided and distributed in the form of points, which can be withdrawn when the points are over 100.