Five-Star For “Shopee Assistant Shopeefans” In The Google Market

Shopee assistant shopeefans is a Google browser plug-in under KeYouYun, which provides many functions such as product collection, prawn skin followers, prawn skin topping, chat group messaging, etc., to help Shopee sellers better manage the store and operate the store efficiently. Our products are good, I hope you give us five-star praise, we will continue to optimize products, better help Shopee sellers to operate multiple stores!

Shopee Pricing Tool – KeYouYun ERP

Shopee Shopee has 8 sites in Singapore, Malay, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan. The freight calculation rules and platform logistics subsidies for each Shopee site are different. For example, Taiwan’s first weight is 0.5KG, and there is no freight subsidy for the platform However, Malay is divided into three districts, and the first and last weight units are different. As a result, when Shopee sellers manage multiple stores, they ca n’t set prices quickly. KeYouYun ERP provides pricing tools that can be used as an important reference tool for pricing.

Product Packaging Service – KeYouYun ERP

Most Shopee sellers do a delivery without a source of goods. After ordering, they will go to 1688 and other websites to purchase and then send them to the Shopee warehouse, but the platform has packaging requirements. Demolition and cost are high, so generally find a freight forwarder to carry the veneer, and send it directly to the freight forwarder address after purchase, saving money and time. KeYouYun ERP is the official shipping software for Shopee. It integrates Shopee freight forwarding, one-click veneer list, and the package status can be queried and traced.