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Keyouyun cloud makes shopee store operation easier

Support many e-commerce platforms

Keyouyun Shopee ERP software can collect any e-commerce platform store (Amazon Amazon, Alibaba International Station, 1688, Taobao Tmall, Jingdong, eBay, AliExpress, Dunhuang, Wish, Lazada, Shopee, etc.), you can also move your own store to support the collection and copying of all products, categories, individual products, and search addresses.

Support same platform replication

Keyouyun Shopee ERP software adopts the latest micro-service architecture, financial-grade data security, and can achieve the same platform replication, that is, support copying your own or others’ Shopee store products to your own Shopee store, the officially authorized API of the Shopee platform, stable Never make a copy, it is easy to copy Shopee to Shopee, which saves the time and effort of Shopee sellers to distribute goods.

Batch editing products

Keyouyun Shopee ERP software can edit and modify the collected product content to facilitate optimization after product import. After data collection, it supports multiple ways to modify product price, product title, product inventory, product category attributes, and avoid duplication. The danger of distributing goods, batch modification is completed and uploaded to the shop that needs to be uploaded.

Automatic translation of language

Keyouyun Shopee ERP software supports automatic translation. If the language of the product data collected in batches is different from the language of the shop to be published, the built-in Google translation system (the world’s most recognized translation platform) will be automatically translated into the target language, Shopee ERP software also added a Baidu translation system, which is more perfect.

Software stable update

Keyouyun Shopee ERP software supports the replication of any e-commerce platform, step by step, stable update for nearly ten years, Shopee ERP software official website dedicated to providing you with the highest quality software and the most perfect after-sales technical services, thank you for your continued support We will work together with you to create a better tomorrow for cross-border e-commerce!

Perfect after sales service

Software is a very special product, unlike traditional products, such as clothing, after purchase, satisfaction, the two sides of the transaction are completed. The software is just the opposite. After the purchase, the service has just begun. From the use of the software to the continuous and stable update of the software, the customer service network of the Youyou Cloud Shopee ERP software provides the best service and after-sales technical support for each customer.
Number of connected businesses
Number of orders processed per day
Annual system upgrades
Support more than 300 logistics automatic acquisition orders

Intelligent cross-border e-commerce operation ERP

  • The standardized cross-border e-commerce ERP created by the Ali team has been tempered for 3 years.
  • Business-centric streamlined operational processes, standardized operations, easy to get started
  • 10 minutes to respond quickly to user needs, 1 hour technology online to solve background problems
  • Covering all aspects of cross-border e-commerce from procurement to signing, realizing one-stop online store operation
  • Multi-platform and multi-store integrated e-commerce management, 9 times improve operational efficiency
  • Established in the past 3 years, it has served more than 10,000 global e-commerce sellers, with good reputation.
  • Financial-grade data security, full library encryption, to ensure your data is absolutely safe
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