WMS · Choice of professional trust

Adapt to a variety of overseas warehouse business models and provide mature warehouse management solutions

Use more than 30 countries, covering 1700+ warehouses

Cross border full link integrated service provider to easily solve cross-border business scenarios

Based on your business logic, solve the thorny problems in your business scenarios and realize the continuous growth of operating income


Long data integration time, difficult to find abnormal data

The sales indicator data is scattered, and the manual statistics time cycle is long, which is prone to error


Difficult to manage multi platform sellers

Too many platforms and stores lead to difficulties in management and abnormal orders


How difficult is it to select the best suppliers for the same category of products?

There are too many suppliers to track suppliers with poor product quality


Large amount of data in financial accounting

There are many excel tables of sales data, and the amount of data is large, so the calculation is prone to error


Is it difficult to monitor inventory when self built overseas warehouses?

Self built overseas warehouse management process is too complex to monitor inventory in real time


When automatic delivery is made, is it still predicted manually?

When obtaining the logistics document number and track tracking, the manual prediction error is large

WMS · core solutions

Meet the needs of different roles to realize data closed-loop in various application scenarios, and help you complete your work and tasks efficiently

Order managements

● Real time order synchronization, multi platform convenient management

● Batch approval of orders, intelligent screening of abnormal orders

● Update and modify orders synchronously and intercept exceptions in time

● Automatically split and consolidate orders

● Complimentary gifts

● Intelligent matching Express


Warehouse managements

● Multi platform, multi store inventory, real-time synchronization

● Accurate inventory, stock out warning, no oversold

● Purchase and sales inventory at a glance

● Full bin paperless operation of handheld PDA

● Rationalization of picking path

● Support employee performance appraisal


Supply chain management

● Scientifically customize the purchase plan by using the sold purchase suggestions

● In transit inventory and purchase arrival fine control

● Purchase warehousing express, accurate

● Support Inventory opinion translation and direct delivery across inventory

● Achieve zero barrier collaboration among the gate, supplier and manufacturer


Distribution management

● Unlimited number of distributors and stores

● Coexistence of online distribution and offline distribution

● Support self shipment and one-piece consignment

● Support self operation, distribution and consignment

● Support supply and marketing – distribution price system control

● Multi level distribution and distribution reconciliation management are supported


WMS · version introduction

Suitable for most freight forwarding service providers


WMS · sellers adapting to multiple types and scenarios

The same seller can efficiently complete the work in a variety of scenarios by using the customer service cloud WMS system


Shopee&lazada sellers


FBS+FBL sellers


Amoeba seller


Direct delivery seller


Multiple overseas warehouse sellers


Factory seller

Docking with e-commerce platform

Keyou cloud has connected with 30+ mainstream e-commerce platforms

Docking Logistics

Keyou cloud has connected more than 50 logistics express delivery services in the whole network

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