Parcel Problem Management – ​​KeYouYun ERP

KeYouYunKeYouYun ERP is the official shipping software of Shopee. It is also a freight forwarding software. It provides Shopee sellers with a one-click veneer. The courier number and delivery do not fill in the face sheet as required, resulting in the parcel delivery agent unable to identify the seller’s identity. At this time, the package will go to the package-problem page in the KeYouYun ERP. Then proceed accordingly.

Order Manage: Product Purchase, Print Sheet, Product Packaging Service – KeYouYun ERP

KeYouYun ERP supports order management of multiple stores very well. Seller friends can synchronize order data, quickly select order data, quickly print surface orders, purchase and other operations here, and also integrate KeYouYun freight forwarding functions A one-click freight forwarding voucher is placed on the order page, so that sellers without supply can operate in the system with one key, saving the seller’s order management efficiency and spending more time on store operations.

Product Packaging Service – KeYouYun ERP

Most Shopee sellers do a delivery without a source of goods. After ordering, they will go to 1688 and other websites to purchase and then send them to the Shopee warehouse, but the platform has packaging requirements. Demolition and cost are high, so generally find a freight forwarder to carry the veneer, and send it directly to the freight forwarder address after purchase, saving money and time. KeYouYun ERP is the official shipping software for Shopee. It integrates Shopee freight forwarding, one-click veneer list, and the package status can be queried and traced.

Packaging Agent

Introduction to packaging services:In order to save logistics and time costs for sellers without source of goods, we provide services of packaging on behalf of others, and scanning the shrimp skin warehouse with a single patch to ensure the timeliness.Contact information of some current packaging service providers:Shenzhen warehouse-hippo logistics QQ group: 716509848Shanghai warehouse QQ group:723903584Yiwu…