Introduction to packaging services:
In order to save logistics and time costs for sellers without source of goods, we provide services of packaging on behalf of others, and scanning the shrimp skin warehouse with a single patch to ensure the timeliness.
Contact information of some current packaging service providers:
Shenzhen warehouse-hippo logistics QQ group: 716509848
Shanghai warehouse QQ group:723903584
Yiwu warehouse QQ group: 928093054
Quanzhou warehouse QQ group: 161993721

  1. Prerequisites for using packaging services

    Register and log in ERP , Web site
    Authorized stores, Tutorial

  2. when purchasing, let the supplier deliver the goods to the warehouse address of the package

    How to view the address of the packing warehouse: find the order in all Orders menu of the system, click packing, and select the warehouse to be sent to. The address and contact information of the warehouse will be displayed below the selection.

  3. docking the packaging warehouse in the system

    Find the order in the menu of all orders in the system, click package, select the warehouse for package, and enter the domestic express number ( There will be a domestic logistics express number in the process of shipping to the packaging warehouse). If you need to remind the warehouse staff, you can make a note, and then click save.
    Note: The service fee for packaging is charged according to the order. For one order, 3 points will be deducted immediately after clicking save. If you use packaging service, you need to recharge in the system first. Credits will be returned if the order is canceled.Recharge tutorial

  4. after

    after completing the docking package in the system, the staff of the packaging warehouse will know your face list, after receiving the package, the warehouse will paste the corresponding international order according to your domestic express number, and then send it to the shrimp warehouse for scanning.
    after docking with the packing warehouse, you can check the status of the package in the freight forwarder-package management, You can modify remarks, express number and packing warehouse

  5. Coin recharge tutorial:

    Enter the system recharge interface → select the amount of recharge → click recharge → login Paypal → Click to pay successfully