1688 purchase

1. The order list is out of stock and the warehouse label explanation On the order list page, the signs of out of stock and in stock will be displayed on the order. Out of stock means that the default warehouse is out of stock. You can switch the warehouse through the warehouse option in…

Logistics Address Management-KeYouYun ERP

ross-border sellers generally choose to hoard goods in bulk to reduce the cost of purchases. KeYouYun ERP provides warehousing inventory management and warehouse address management functions, allowing sellers to informatize their warehouses and products Management, improve the efficiency of inventory management among multiple stores, be able to find problems such as insufficient inventory in a timely manner, make timely warehouse replenishment and promote stocks.

Logistics Management – ​​K eYouYun ERP

Cross-border sellers generally choose to purchase goods in bulk for self-delivery instead of choosing a delivery method in order to reduce the cost of purchase. KeYouYun ERP provides functions such as warehousing inventory and logistics settings, logistics management You can set the seller’s shipping logistics template, sender and other information, so that the seller can manage his warehouse, goods, logistics information, etc., improve the efficiency of multi-store inventory management, help the seller to fill the warehouse in time and hoard during the promotion period goods.

Transfer Product to Warehouse Item – KeYouYun ERP

When the seller’s order quantity increases or multiple stores or promotion, in order to reduce the purchase cost of the product, the product will be purchased in batches, and at the same time, the inventory management of the product will be carried out to control the product inventory in time to replenish the product in time. KeYouYun ERP has complete warehousing and purchasing functions. Before managing the purchase and sales inventory of the goods, the seller needs to perform one-click operation on the goods to realize the goods inventory scheduling and management between multiple platforms and multiple stores.

One-click Purchase from 1688 – KeYouYun ERP

KeYouYun ERP is the official shipping and freight forwarding software of Shopee. KeYouYun has cooperated with 1688 official. It has integrated the function of 1688 order procurement into the system. The KeYouYun system will generate purchase recommendations for orders. One-key purchase in the system is 1688, and the price is often cheaper than buying in 1688, which is convenient for sellers to purchase directly in the 1688 system, and directly manage the purchase of their own suppliers’ products in the KeYouYun ERP system.

Adress Manage

Enter the logistics menu through the left-side navigation to enter address management. You can add and edit addresses in this menu. Add address information Click Create → enter the address information → Save