Keyouyun can find products from China to dropshipping. Largest Dropship Automation System. Easy Click and Sync Dropship to Shopee and Lazada." />

One-click Product Collection – KeYouYun ERP

KeYouYun ERP provides Shopee Assistant (Shopee Fans), which can quickly collect single and batch of products. One-click collection of product data into KeYouYun ERP. After the collection, you can modify the data and publish it to the Shopee Shop; Youyou ERP supports Single and batch collection of platforms such as 1688, Taobao, Pinduoduo, Shopee, AliExpress and Lazada.

Shop Authorization – KeYouYun ERP

KeYouYun ERP is authorized by Shopee official authorization method. You do not need to enter the shop account and password in the third-party software to ensure the security of the Shopee seller’s account. You can use KeYouYun ERP products after authorization Data collection and one-click shop function, quickly publish products to Shopee shop.

Shop Manage – KeYouYun ERP

After modifying the store name and introduction information in the Shopee Seller Center, the seller can click the “Sync” button in the KeYouYun ERP to synchronize the latest store news to the system; if you need to delete the authorized store, you can go to the store authorization page Click the “Cancel” button, and then enter the shop account password on the official authorization page of Shopee, you can cancel the shop’s binding to KeYouYun ERP.

Account Registration – KeYouYun ERP

KeYouYun ERP supports account registration by email and mobile phone number, and supports global mobile phone number registration. You can use the KeYouYun ERP for free after account activation, including product data collection, batch modification and release, accurate translation, one-click shop, and freight forwarding. Functions such as noodle orders, smart purchasing, order delivery, warehousing, and recharge of Shopee ads help Shopee sellers to quickly distribute goods to Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

Adress Manage

Enter the logistics menu through the left-side navigation to enter address management. You can add and edit addresses in this menu. Add address information Click Create → enter the address information → Save

Packaging Agent

Introduction to packaging services:In order to save logistics and time costs for sellers without source of goods, we provide services of packaging on behalf of others, and scanning the shrimp skin warehouse with a single patch to ensure the timeliness.Contact information of some current packaging service providers:Shenzhen warehouse-hippo logistics QQ group: 716509848Shanghai warehouse QQ group:723903584Yiwu…

1688 product Collection

Prerequisites for using the collection function Logged in to the customer You Yun ERP account, Login customer You Yun ERPInstall plug-ins, Tutorial Product list On the product list page of 1688, move the mouse over the product and the blue menu of “collect customer You Yun” will be displayed. Click the “collect customer You Yun”…

Product Collection

Taobao/tmall acquisition (taobao/tmall Collection) 1. Prerequisites for using the collection function Logged in to the customer You Yun ERP account, Login customer You Yun ERP Install plug-ins,Tutorial 2. Read the following one-click collection method Commodity list Collection Product details collection Commodity list Collection When browsing the Taobao/Tmall product list, the collection button will be displayed…