Shopee Fans Chats-The chat terminal helps sellers manage multi-store chat customer service work. With the refined sub-account management team, Shrimp Chat can open more shop chats with message reminders and automatic translation functions to improve store response rate And order conversion rates.

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Shopee Fans Chats – Instructional video


Shopee Fans chats Not only has the function of the shrimp skin chat web page version, but also expands the following functions:

  1. Unified management of shops】Support the management of all sites and multiple shops of Shrimp Skin;
  2. Quick access to Seller Center】Right-click to open Shrimp Skin Seller Center and quickly access the shrimp skin backstage of the store;
  3. Buyer message alert】The voice reminder of the new news of the shrimp skin chat, shops and users who have not read the message will be marked with red dots to help shrimp skin sellers respond to the buyer’s message in a timely manner and not miss any chance of order;
  4. Automatic message translation】Buyer messages are automatically translated into the seller ’s language, such as Chinese, and sellers ’messages are automatically translated into the buyer ’s language, such as Vietnamese, to resolve language communication issues between sellers and buyers;
  5. Send emoticons / pictures】Support sending emoticons, screenshots and other materials, as well as viewing product orders, buyer product bargaining and other information;
  6. Order label】Orders can be marked, and orderly assigned staff can be followed up to improve after-sales service.