Niche Selection

You need to select a niche that is laser-focused and let it be something that you are genuinely interested in. If you select a product range that isn’t focused, it will be very difficult to market it.

If you do select a niche that you aren’t passionate about, you will be prone to discouragement, since it takes a lot of work to successfully establish a dropshipping business.

Points to consider when selecting your niche:

● Always seek attractive profits by selecting a niche that attracts a huge profit margin.

● Provide low shipping costs. If the shipping costs are too high the customer will be repelled. Look for something that is inexpensive to ship, this will give you the option of free shipping. It can be counted as part of the business expenses used to attract more sales.

● Supply products that are unavailable locally. Select products that customers can’t find easily. This way you become more attractive to the targeted customer.

● Create your own brand by looking for a product you can white label and sell as your brand. This can be achieved by packaging and branding.

Ensure Availability of products

The common mistakes drop shippers make is not ensuring if the products they list are still present on the e-commerce sites. This little mistake really discourages online buyers, driving away potential customers.

To overcome this mistake, ensure that you check with your suppliers which products are in stock and which products will be out of their store soon because of decreased numbers.

Ensure Easy Fulfillment

The only way to please your customers and keep them happy is to fulfilling their orders efficiently and fast. By doing so you will build a good reputation for yourself and reputation is the key to successful dropshipping.

This can only be achieved by finding a reliable supplier who can deliver the order in time once you have sent it. A reliable supplier will not only ship the product in time but they will follow the order through until it is received by the customer.

Conduct Competition Research

When dropshipping with Shopee always remember you will be competing with other drop shipping giants such as Lazada and even Amazon.  Many potential drop shippers make the mistakes of looking for those products that have little to no competition. That’s a sign that the demand for that particular product is low.

A product might not have a lot of competition due to many reasons such as high shipping costs, poor profit margins or supplier and manufacturing issues. Search for those products that have high competition as this is a sign that they are in demand and have a more stable business model.

There you have it: How to sell and dropship in Shopee. Next is to create a Shopee store, and find a Shopee approved drop shipper to add items in your store.