The meaning of warehouse in the system

The warehouse is the basic positioning in the WMS system, which affects the ownership of the goods inventory. Through the binding of the store and the warehouse, the offline physical inventory is realized as an intermediate medium to record the usage in the system.

Default repository

After the seller registers with KeYouyun, the system will generate a default warehouse (as shown below) ps: The difference between the default warehouse and the ordinary warehouse is that the stores authorized to erp will be bound to the default warehouse.

Click Edit to modify the warehouse information (it is recommended that the seller edit the default warehouse once to set the warehouse address, otherwise the warehouse will not be able to place an order without an address when purchasing!)

Click Add – Fill in the required information and click Save. You can choose from the following list

Create repository

After the store generates an order, it will be automatically released according to the warehouse bound to the store. What if there are multiple warehouses shipping? Then you need to add another warehouse.

Process of adding a new store: Click to add a new store – enter the required information – click Save

Then click Change Shipping Store on the new warehouse

The stores that can be added to the current warehouse will be displayed here. After selecting the store, select the warehouse to be moved to the current warehouse and click Confirm.

Shelves & Storage

Each warehouse will have a default “no shelf” shelf. No shelf has two meanings: 1. Some goods in the warehouse will not be placed on the shelf for various reasons. We define this area corresponding to this area. For the shelf-free area. 2. In some warehouse operations, the goods stored in the warehouse will be placed in a temporary storage area, and they will be put on the shelves after being picked in the temporary storage area. Then this role can be archived in the no-shelf area (into the warehouse to the no-shelf, after the offline picking and putting on the shelf, the storage location adjustment in the erp will keep it consistent with the offline warehouse)

Create a shelf process: in the management shelf – click on the new shelf – enter the shelf name and position prefix (to ensure the accuracy of order picking, it is recommended to name the warehouse according to the actual name of the warehouse) – in the shelf specification enter the shelf’s actual situation according to the actual situation of the shelf. After layers and columns, click Generate – click Save

The created shelf defaults to a good type shelf. If you need to store defective products on the shelf, you can turn it into a “defective shelf”. At the same time, you can check the inventory of each position through the inventory status, and click Print shelf barcode to print the barcode of each position.