Shopee data analysis and increase store’s views tool

Shopee Data Analysis

Shopee stores, products and market trends

Shopee marketing trending

Note: Support real-time monitoring of product, store and market data

Online Customer Service

One-stop management for multi-shop chatting, accurate translation, and message reminders


Note: Support for mutual translation in any language, real-time reminder of orders, evaluations, being followed and other news

Followers & Likes

Auto follow to increase fans quickly, product likes to increase exposure


Note: Users are automatically filtered, and the weight of store products is quickly increased

Product Exchange Rate Conversion

The amount is converted in real time, and the product price is clear


Note: Support any currency exchange rate conversion

Product Boost

Automatic boost, continuously expose and attract traffic


Note: every four hours top promotion 5 products in shopee boost promotion

Application Center

Carefully select operating application tools to improve the operating efficiency of sellers’ shop


Note: Integrate high-quality applications for cross-border operations to solve sellers’ daily operational problems