1688 (Alibaba) Product Collection and Low-Price Supplier

Shopee Fans (Shopee Assistant), Product data collection can collect 1688.com products, on the 1688 product list, detail page, supply product page for product single, batch collection, one-click shop operation, quickly copy product data to KeYouYun ERP can be quickly published and published on the Shopeee e-commerce platform; at the same time, it provides a one-click search for low-cost supply functions to help sellers quickly find low-cost factory supply of 1688 Alibaba products.

Pinduoduo Product Collection and Supplier Source – KeYouYun ERP

Shopeefans, a Shopee assistant, can collect products from Pinduoduo platform, collect products individually or in batches on Pinduoduo list and detail pages, and quickly copy product data to KeYouYun ERP, and quickly publish and publish them on the Shopee e-commerce platform; The key find source function helps sellers quickly find the factory source of Pinduoduo products.